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    Kraft Creative Services, LLC. is an enthusiastic small business comprised of small business enthusiasts located in rural Montana.

    We work at what we love and try to find ways to help other people do the same.

    What We Offer

    Carbon County Businesses

    Our web management products are sold through the MicroBizUSA sites.

    Forget-Me-Not Gallery

    The Forget-Me-Not Farms gallery houses art and antiques.

    Salmagundi Market

    The Forget-Me-Not Farms Salmagundi Market is an outdoor venue for sellers of just about everything. It operates during the summer months.

    Owlery Gallery

    The Owlery Gallery is an on-line venue for select items from the Forget-Me-Not Farms gallery.

    The Intrepid Pen

    The Intrepid Pen is a venue for our writing.

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    Most of the sites we manage are hosted at 1and1.com. Click here for assistance in configuring your email clients.

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